Camille Grammer REJECTS Kelsey Grammer’s Divorce Deal

We knew that Kelsey Grammer’s divorce with Camille wasn’t going to go smoothly. Two days ago, INO reported that Kelsey offered his estranged wife $30+  million dollars. He’s rushing things along which makes a lot of sense considering he’s already engaged to another woman! But Camille has other plans. The NY Post is reporting that she’s rejected the deal as it doesn’t include alimony or child support for their two kids – Mason and Jude.

“She rejected an offer from Kelsey just before Christmas. He wasn’t offering child support or alimony, and told her through his lawyers that she’d get enough in the settlement.

“Because there is no prenup, Camille was certain she’d get up to $50 million, because she’s a partner in his TV company and entitled to half the money he made from shows, including ‘Frasier,’ while they were married.”

Even though Kelsey is having all these troubles, he’s still NOT forcing a prenup for this new marriage with 29  year old Kayte Walsh. Apparently, it’s never been about the money for Kelsey – it’s just about the love. Cue the music.

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  1. Lovem says

    I don’t blame her. She is a big part of the reason they amassed so much money to begin with. Eff him.

  2. Jack says

    I don’t blame her for wanting child support but its obvious she knows how to make money on her own so she really doesn’t need alimony.