Eva Longoria’s Las Vegas Restaurant ‘Beso’ Has Filed For Bankruptcy

Looks like 2011 isn’t starting off much better than 2010 ended for Eva Longoria! Beso, the Las Vegas restaurant that Longoria owns a 32% stake in has filed for bankruptcy. This isn’t the first time the restaurant has caused issues for the actress either. Last June she was sued for breach of contract by 2 former managers who claimed that they were forced out of their jobs. Eva countersued the pair with her rep stating;

“All allegations against Longoria Parker and the restaurant are absolutely false, untrue, and without merit. Longoria Parker plans to countersue the couple in a court of law in order to protect the integrity of the restaurant, its brand and the welfare and well-being of her employees, as well as her own reputation.

“Eva Longoria Parker is a well-respected businesswoman who is nothing short of honourable in all endeavours that she embarks upon, whether they are political, philanthropic, or in any professional business capacity.”

The bankruptcy filing made by Beso is designed to protect $2.5 million in assets and will help the company, Beso LLC restructure $5.7 million in debt and other liabilities. Longoria also owns shares in the LA Beso as well. Well here’s hoping that things start looking up for Eva!

Photos by FAME


  1. Dutchgirl says

    I had dinner there a few weeks ago and it really was a weird experience…. Wait staff looked like they just got out of prison and the food was bad. Drinks were great though, and when you’re in good company you can’t really have a bad time so we just laughed about the experience! :)

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