Technology Makes Johnny Depp Want To Run Away Screaming

Johnny Depp reveals that certain developments in technology have not been a positive thing and believes that people are losing their sense of self.

“Sometimes I’d like to run away screaming from our technology-obsessed world, the invasive media, the madness of reality TV. We’ve lost touch with the simple things of life. We’re losing our individuality.”

He says that owning an island may sound a bit grand, but it’s actually a necessity for his mental health:

“The island might sound extravagant but I need somewhere I can breathe easily or just sit around and chat without someone taking my picture.”

Johnny, who is starring in the upcoming animated film ‘Rango’, shared how his life has changed since meeting partner Vanessa Paradis and becoming a father to Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 8.

“Anything I’d done before was kind of an illusion. My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life. Now, my greatest hope is that I’ll be fair to the people I love.”

I’m sure many celebrities would love to have an island retreat – somewhere to just go and be themselves without the fear of the paparazzi capturing every moment on film.

Photos by FAME




  1. Barbiekat says

    I love Johnny Depp….but to all these celebrities that whine about the paparrazi and their life…get out of the business if you hate it so much. You knew what it entails.

  2. JJ says

    Celebrities do have a right to whine about the paparazzi. A lot of individuals get involved in acting & music because they love it and have a passion for it, NOT because of the fame.

    And who the hell, except the fame hungry & psychologically unhealthy individuals, would like to be followed by men with cameras who on top of that scream at them when they refuse a picture of two? Its a different thing being photographed on the set of a movie, red carpet, stage and outside tha in REAL LIFE when the person is NOT working.

    Get real you fools, celebrities have rights too – even if they are rich.