Claire Danes Regrets Not Finishing College

Golden Globe winner Claire Danes shares that she regrets not finishing college. Claire took a break from acting back in 1998 to study psychology at Yale, but she quit school after just two years.

When she was asked what advice she would give her younger self she shared:

“Go to college, actually. I didn’t finish. I only went for two years but those two years were really good for me to just step away for a little bit and grow up without the prying eyes of the public and all the judgment that accompanies it. So that was good, and I don’t know.”

She explained:

“I started working when I was very young. I got an agent when I was 12 and fortunately was employed consistently from that point on. So I didn’t really go to a conventional high school. I was tutored on sets and things.”

I think it’s great when actresses (like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson) take the time out of their careers to attend college. It’s good for them to have that experience and time to grow away from the glare of the media.

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  1. dholmas says

    I think that some of the best and most stable actors are the ones that still pursue education. It is a discipline that carries over into their real lives.