Diane Kruger Says New Film Role Made Her Re-Evaluate Her Life

Actress Diane Kruger said that her latest film role forced her to re-evaluate her life. In the upcoming movie “Special Forces” she plays a French journalist who is kidnapped by the Taliban.

Diane researched for the role by talking to female journalists who had been kidnapped and it was those interviews that made her rethink her own career.

“I researched the role for four months, interviewing female journalists who were kidnap victims, and I think it’s changed me as a person. It’s as though I felt quite ignorant before this, or maybe it’s just part of growing up. I always thought I had a pretty accomplished life: a famous model who speaks three languages and keeps a place in Paris. This role has certainly put me in my place a little bit.”

Diane also shared that the filming, which included four weeks of living in the Himalayas, was grueling at times. She explained to Gotham magazine:

“It was a lot harder than I anticipated. Eighteen-hour car rides, dirt roads that are not really roads, freezing cold at night, everyone is sleep deprived, and everything is incredibly difficult and hard. I’ve broken down crying sometimes, but so have many of the boys.

“It was also truly breathtaking, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Eighteen hour car rides? No thanks! I’m sure the scenery is phenomenal, though.

Sounds like we’ll be seeing quite a bit of Diane – she recently landed the role of Marie Antoinette, as well. I wonder if she and Joshua Jackson have had a chance to secretly tie the knot yet?

Photos by FAME