Kristin Cavallari Is In Love

Former “Hills” reality starlet Kristin Cavallari has been absent from the spotlight in recent months – and it’s suited her just fine. Kristin has been spending most of her time in Chicago with her new beau, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Saturday night Kristin celebrated her 24th birthday in Las Vegas – without Jay, who was busy winning the NFL Playoffs – and she shared that things are going really well between them.

She told People:

“I’m in love”

Kristin was bummed that Jay couldn’t be there with her, but he did sent her a giant bouquet of pink flowers to the club.

“I want to be there,” she said. “I’m bummed that I’m not there and he’s not here.”

She says she loves being in Chicago with him:

“Things are really good. I’m just enjoying my personal life and taking a little time away from the public eye, which is why Chicago is great for me. My mom and that whole side of the family is there. And Jay is there. It’s nice to be able to hang out with my mom, and, you know, I’m in love and it’s been great.”

I’m sure Kristin will be pretty proud if Jay makes it to the Super Bowl. Are you into football? Are you cheering for any team in particular?

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  1. KodiakBear288 says

    Well I hope she’s around to wipe his tears next weekend when the Packers end their season :) GoPackGo!