Howard Stern Doesn’t Hold Back His Contempt For Jay Leno

Howard Stern is going to be on Piers Morgan’s new show on CNN tonight and it sounds like the interview will be a doozy. Howard doesn’t hold back regarding his feelings on Jay Leno.

Here’s a peek at a few of the things Howard has to say:

“He’s not fit to scrub David Letterman’s feet.”

“Jay is insane. And Jay is a crook. And the world knows exactly what he’s up to. He steals a tremendous amount of material,” Stern said, adding “this guy’s ripped off like 10 major things from my show.”

“I don’t know how [Leno has] beaten David Letterman in the ratings… America must be filled with morons who at night lay in bed… the ones who are watching him, they must be in a coma.”

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel, Howard! Well, Howard gets paid good money to be honest and blunt, so I guess it shouldn’t be such a shock, right?

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Celebrity Pictures: Pete Wentz And Bronx Head To An Appointment

Pete Wentz was spotted out and about this morning with son Bronx. The father/son duo were heading to an appointment at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills.

Pete has been letting his hair go natural, apparently he was spending loads of time on it to get it straight. He tweeted a few days back:

Looked in the mirror like I stuck my finger in an outlet. Tho more like lil pete when he was a baby. Yes.

Which way do you prefer it? I think it’s good to change things up every now and again. And now we know who Bronx is getting his curly hair from! 😉

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Lamar Odom Says His Love For Khloe Kardashian Is The Real Deal

Lamar Odom sat down with Playboy to talk about his wife, Khloe Kardashian, and how she changed his thoughts on relationships. He shared that he never had any interest in being married until he met Khloe:

“Being married, that’s a responsibility. I always used to tell that to women. I don’t want a girlfriend because that means I’ve got a responsibility. Most men like more than one woman.”

But after he met Khloe, he was convinced he better step up to the plate:

With her I was like, ‘If I do what I normally do, I’m going to lose her,’ ” he says. “And if I lose her, I think it’s going to hurt a lot. Right then and there I knew. We were together every day.”

On the media saying that their relationship (and quick marriage) was just a publicity stunt:

That’s just how gossip works, you know? You can’t stop it. It (the marriage) was quick. I guess that just added to the speculation – ‘Why can’t they wait?’ I didn’t want to wait.”

I admit that I was skeptical over their marriage – I mean they only dated for about a month, wasn’t it? I’m glad it’s going well for them, though! Are you interested in their new reality show?

Ashton Kutcher Dishes On Twitter, Love, And Justin Bieber

With his new film “No Strings Attachedopening this week, Ashton Kutcher sat down with Redbook to chat about relationships, his love of Tweeting, and his admiration of Justin Bieber.

On whether or not guys have an easier time NOT letting feelings get in the way of a “friends with benefits” relationship:

“I think guys wind up after a while not wanting another guy sleeping with the girl they’re with. But eventually everyone wants something more. We all have that desire for something special, something committed. We all want to be The One.”

Were he and Demi friends first?

“No my relationship was a relationship first. Well, there wasn’t anything physical happening for a while, but from the get-go it was more than friendship. It was a deeper connection than that.”

On why he Tweets messages to Demi Moore when they are in the same room:

“For the same reason we send you roses at the office: because sometimes being publicly adored is nice. It feels good. So that’s why I might be standing right next to her and tweet, ‘My wife looks so amazing tonight.’”

On why he’s a huge Justin Bieber fan:

“That kid’s built an empire.”

Are you planning to check out the movie this weekend?

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Afternoon Links With David Beckham

Father-to-be David Beckham was photographed practicing with the Tottenham Hotspur team today in Chigwell, Essex. (Fame)

Know someone going through chemo? They can receive free housecleaning! (FitCeleb)
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Dolly Parton is working on a kids musical. (Babyrazzi)
Halle Berry doesn’t want to play Aretha Franklin? (Bossip)
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How Does The Hollywood Foreign Press Really Feel About Ricky Gervais??

If you watched the Golden Globes you no doubt saw Ricky Gervais grill just about everyone in Hollywood! Some people even though that he hosted the ‘meanest Globes ever’. But what did the Hollywood Foreign Press think about Ricky’s performance? E! News reports that in a statement, the HFP said;

“We loved the show. It was a lot of fun and obviously has a lot of people talking.”

“When you hire a comedian like Ricky Gervais, one expects in your face, sometimes outrageous material. Certainly, in this case, he pushed the envelope and occasionally went too far.

“The HFPA would never condone some of his personal remarks. Overall, however, the show was among the best we’ve ever had and we were pleased.”

And, when asked why Gervais seemed to disappear for a while in the middle of the show, well apparently that was all planned as well;

“I did every single introduction I was meant to,” Gervais said. “…I was allowed to choose who I would introduce in advance. I obviously chose presenters who I had the best jokes for. (And who I knew had a good sense of humor).”

Well, not sure I buy that, but I am happy to hear that the HFP is defending Gervais. While many might not have agreed with everything he said, there is no doubt that he did just what he said he would do when he was hired to host.

What did you think of Ricky’s hosting job?

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Reese Witherspoon And Paul Rudd In Berlin To Promote ‘How Do You Know’

Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd were both photographed arriving in Berlin today to promote their movie How Do You Know? The movie didn’t make that big of a splash at the box office here, I wonder if it will fare better in Europe?

I love that both Reese and Paul seem to be pretty relaxed travellers – no big entourage and they both seem to be dressed pretty casually. Reese actually looks pretty pleased to see some autograph seekers!

I am excited to see Water for Elephants though, starring Reese and Robert Pattinson. I haven’t read the book but all the pictures I see from the set really make me want to see it!

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