Celebrity Pictures: Pete Wentz And Bronx Head To An Appointment

Pete Wentz was spotted out and about this morning with son Bronx. The father/son duo were heading to an appointment at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills.

Pete has been letting his hair go natural, apparently he was spending loads of time on it to get it straight. He tweeted a few days back:

Looked in the mirror like I stuck my finger in an outlet. Tho more like lil pete when he was a baby. Yes.

Which way do you prefer it? I think it’s good to change things up every now and again. And now we know who Bronx is getting his curly hair from! ;)

Photos by Flynet


  1. says

    Busy daddy, ain’t he? Well, he’s got a responsibility to do, and I know he’s happy with it, the pleasures of being a dad. Good luck to him and may his son be a good citizen.

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