How Does The Hollywood Foreign Press Really Feel About Ricky Gervais??

If you watched the Golden Globes you no doubt saw Ricky Gervais grill just about everyone in Hollywood! Some people even though that he hosted the ‘meanest Globes ever’. But what did the Hollywood Foreign Press think about Ricky’s performance? E! News reports that in a statement, the HFP said;

“We loved the show. It was a lot of fun and obviously has a lot of people talking.”

“When you hire a comedian like Ricky Gervais, one expects in your face, sometimes outrageous material. Certainly, in this case, he pushed the envelope and occasionally went too far.

“The HFPA would never condone some of his personal remarks. Overall, however, the show was among the best we’ve ever had and we were pleased.”

And, when asked why Gervais seemed to disappear for a while in the middle of the show, well apparently that was all planned as well;

“I did every single introduction I was meant to,” Gervais said. “…I was allowed to choose who I would introduce in advance. I obviously chose presenters who I had the best jokes for. (And who I knew had a good sense of humor).”

Well, not sure I buy that, but I am happy to hear that the HFP is defending Gervais. While many might not have agreed with everything he said, there is no doubt that he did just what he said he would do when he was hired to host.

What did you think of Ricky’s hosting job?

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  1. Ally says

    I didnt watch the whole show, but I saw bits that the news and other sites have shown, and I LOVED it. Ricky was hilarious. This is what comedians do, especially ones like Ricky, all those stars really need to stop taking themselves so seriously, if I was the butt of a comedians joke, I would find it hilarious. If only award shows could always be that entertaining. I loved seeing De Niro, Alec Baldwin and ones like them laughing hysterically at his jokes.

  2. Cattknap says

    I think he could have left out his party remark about being an atheist…..although I think he is funny, I would have liked him a lot better had he kept his atheism to himself.