Actress Jodie Sweetin Announces Her Engagement

Just when we thought the celebrity engagement news was dying down..we have another one! Actress Jodie Sweetin got a birthday surprise from her beau Morty Coyle – a marriage proposal!

Morty proposed during Jodie’s 29th birthday party; she shared:

“It was a complete surprise. We are just thrilled and I am in shock still! I was glad that everybody was there. People videotaped it, it was great.”

The couple, who share 5-month-old Beatrix together, as well as Zoie, 2, from Jodie’s previous marriage, aren’t in any hurry to rush down the aisle. Jodie and Morty are planning to wait until gays and lesbians have the right to marry:

“We are in no hurry as far as dates or anything like that. We want to wait until there’s equality for everybody to get married.”

If it’s not something that happens for a long time, they are okay with it:

“That’s okay. We were absolutely committed before this, anyway. We’re just so excited.”

Jodie’s ring is a “2½-carat oval sapphire, surrounded by 18 diamonds in a snowflake shape”.

It’s “a one-of-a-kind original,” adds Coyle, from Erwin Hesz jewelers.

That sounds gorgeous – and unique! Hopefully we’ll get a peek at it soon!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Photos by WENN