Kelly Preston Explains Her Scientology Silent Birth

New mom Kelly Preston was on the the ‘Today Show’ this morning as part of the press for “Casino Jack” and she decided to put to rest the misconceptions about the Scientology “silent birth” process.

“everyone attending the birth should refrain from spoken words as much as possible … chatty doctors and nurses, shouts to ‘PUSH, PUSH’ and loud or laughing remarks to ‘encourage’ are avoided.” Preston explains, “Silent birth is basically just no words as much as possible. If you need to moan, if you need to cry out … of course that’s normal. But, it’s just bringing them in, in as peaceful and gentle a way as possible.”

Kelly credits the process for her kids’ calm and relaxed personalities:

“My kids have always been amazing. Just very calm, very peaceful, happy and I absolutely know it’s very much because of that.”

There are so many rumors that are out there about Scientology, I’m sure it’s frustrating to not have that truth out there. But then again, it seems hard to find any real, solid info on the religion – most of it seems to be hearsay?

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  1. TwinsaneIncarnation says

    Scientology isn’t a religion. They simply call it a religion for the tax breaks and for the protection. They would have been shut down long ago if it wasn’t for Christians being ignorant of the facts and “protecting” a fellow “religion”.

    • blamegame says

      Im sorry how exactly are Christians responsible for this? I just do not understand this hatred for people who believe in, love and pray to your maker and mine whether you want to accept it or not.

  2. blobbity blah blah says

    I don’t think Jett was calm, peaceful or happy – silent birth or not. Scientology is a cult and a dangerous one.

  3. Imagamble says

    I could give a crap about the religion. Don’t believe in organized religion. The whole quiet thing? Please I am LOUD get use to it kid. I never made people be quiet when they were being born or while they were trying to sleep. The result was my kids could sleep anywhere.

  4. kat says

    Scientology is not a cult . People should research and learn about things before making comments.

  5. Maggie says

    “the way to make a million dollars is to start a religion – that is where the money is.” to me that is a cult!! L. Ron Hubbard made up a religion in the 50s! helloooooooooo!!

  6. Sprint says

    she denied Jett for having autism and he had a seizure – he died!! does that sound like he was calm, peaceful and happy??? I don’t think so!!

  7. Pinklipstick says

    you shouldn’t call it a religion because it’s not…it’s a dangerous cult and everybody who supports or defend it is brainwashed!

  8. Farida11 says

    She’s so lying, suri cruise is not calm at all and her father is Tom Cruise. Giving birth in silence doesnt change anything to the baby personnality. Stop the crap

  9. leslie says

    What do you mean there isn’t any info about Scientology out there? Go to Also walk into a Scientology organization — they’re all over the country/world. You’ll find addresses for them on Pick up a book at a library or bookstore — What is Scientology is a good start!

    Also, as for the comment that Scientology isn’t a religion — that’s ridiculous… You don’t even know what Scientology is or does! It is a religion in the true sense as it deals with you as a spirit/being, not as a body.