Sherri Shepherd Dishes On Wedding: Son Giving Her Away And No Dieters Allowed

Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for a summer wedding to her fiancé Lamar Sally. ‘The View‘ co-host shares details on her ceremony, the dress, and the expensive reception.

Sherri’s son Jeffrey, 6, will be walking her down the aisle:

“I want [fiancé Lamar Sally] to know that when my son walks me down the aisle, you’re not only getting me, but you’re getting this little boy. He’s going to give me away because it’s symbolic that he’s giving me away for this man to protect me and protect him.

I love that! That is so sweet!

Sherri, who has lost a lot of weight over the last year, says she is working hard to get “Michelle Obama” arms before the big day:

“I want Michelle Obama arms. And my fantasy [dress] is strapless. I don’t know what is going to hold these boulders up, but that’s my fantasy!”

She also says that guests better come VERY hungry (and thirsty) to her reception:

“It’s amazing how much a reception is! When anybody comes I told them, ‘You better eat all the hors d’oeuvres drink up all the liquor and eat all the food because we’re paying for all that stuff. I’m not playing around! Don’t be freakin’ ‘I want to be skinny!’ Eat the steak, eat the roll, everything!”

She is a riot. She’s always so blunt and funny about everything. You can read the rest of her wedding details here (including why she tells us the dress shops the wrong dress size!).

Photos by WENN