Will Social Services Investigate Nadya “Octomom” Suleman Over Fetish Photos?

Earlier today TMZ posted some freaky fetish photos taken at Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s home with a friend of hers, radio personality “Tattoo”. Fox411 contacted Orange County to see if the mom of 14 could face an investigation from Social Services.

Public Information Officer Terry Lynn Fisher couldn’t comment on whether or not Nadya was being looked at, but she did share some general guidelines for what triggers an investigation:

Allegations of abuse or neglect must rise to the legal level and descriptions of abuse or neglect. We don’t know if the children were home, we don’t know if for sure that it was filmed in her home–there are so many variables.”

A source close to both Nadya and “Tattoo” say that they’re good friends and he truly cares and wants to help her out.

“Tattoo has children of his own. He and Nadya have had a relationship for years now. He would never do anything to hurt children. He’s a very cautious person. There were no children present when the photo shoot took place.”

No matter how weird or disturbing it all may seem, as long as the kids weren’t home, she didn’t do anything wrong.

PHotos by WENN




  1. Catt says

    I agree with you Gm. There are many of us with children who don’t resort to taking fetish pictures in our home – we actually go out and work or find home based jobs that allow us to work around our children’s schedules. Personally I think it is completely wrong to debase yourself like that in the first place and then have the pictures all over the internet. Don’t think for one minute that her children won’t escape seeing those pictures or have their friends see them – what kind of message does that send? Stand up for what is right and quit being so accepting of things that are clearly wrong.

  2. Jude says

    While it is clear that Nadya is all kinds of crazy, she has 14 mouths to feed. How she gets that money is her business, as long as those 14 bellies are full, I’m okay with it. It’s not like she’s Jenna Jameson. Now that’s a lady that’s got some REAL explaining to do when her kids are older and start asking questions!

  3. Ted says

    As a tax payer who pays that money I would like to know…She is a professional welfare person and thief…Get a job…