Lindsay Lohan Drama Continues With Michael Lohan’s Explanation Of Proposed Payment

Oy vey… will it ever stop with the newly-sober Lindsay Lohan? Actually, I’m not sure I want the answer to that question. So yesterday I told you about all the drama around the money that Betty Ford Center worker, Dawn Holland, had supposedly been offered/negotiated/expected- whatever.

Now TMZ reports that Lindsay feels Dawn is just trying to exploit her for money. Lindsay doesn’t feel she did anything wrong in the first place, so she’s fine with this going to trial.

However, Michael Lohan admitted to Radar Online that he did agree to pay Dawn something.

“I am coming forward without regret, to tell the truth about the Dan Holland situation with my daughter. Lindsay. From the night of this occurrence, I have been aware of the entire situation.

“Dawn DID assault Lindsay while demanding a urine (test) and took it to another level when Lindsay demanded the phone. Since then, Dawn has had her attorney meet with me, negotiate with me and even propose a “deal” with me, her lawyer and Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holly (Chapman) and while I agreed to Dawn Holland’s initial “number”,  to procure financial stability due to getting fired, she got greedy and took it to another level.

“Dawn DEMANDED that Lindsay agree to a sit down interview to make ‘amends’ for the sake of the public NOT because Dawn wanted to set the record straight, but because she negotiated a deal to make more money from the interview.

“When Lindsay said that amends don’t need to be a public thing, and she would  NOT do it publicly, Dawn fired her lawyer and hired another one out of vengeance.”

Okay. This just sounds like a huge MESS, and somehow, I don’t think Michael’s helped anything with this public admission. What do you think?

Photos by FAME