Love It Or Hate It: Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart attended the 8th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards with her husband, Harrison Ford, last night. I love how happy they look together!

But what do you think of Calista’s dress? I have to say, it’s the type of dress I’d expect a woman who’s trying to hide a tummy or pair of wide hips to wear. Not tiny Calista!

I don’t think it’s what I would’ve chosen for her to wear. Well, Calista admits to teasing Harrison about their age difference. He can tease her about this dress :).

What do you think?

Photos by FAME


  1. says

    I think the most offensive thing about this dress is the way she dealt with the sheerness up top. It looks like she’s got a couple of Sony MiniDiscs under there.

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