Are Kate Hudson And James Franco Going To Team Up For Linda Lovelace Movie?

What is up with all the interest in porn star Linda Lovelace? Lindsay Lohan was set to play Linda in one movie (before the part was re-cast with Malin Akerman), and now apparently Kate Hudson is set to play her in another movie. James Franco is in talks to co-star, according to Deadline Hollywood.

127 Hoursstar James Franco is in discussions to play pornographer Chuck Traynor…

Traynor was Lovelace’s husband and a pornographer when she starred in the notorious 1972 porn blockbuster Deep Throat. Later, when she quit the business, divorced Traynor and reclaimed her name Linda Boreman, she accused her ex of coercing her into prostitution and pornography through bullying, beatings and even hypnotism.

Hypnotism? Goodness! I guess they’ll have to wait to shoot this until after Kate has the baby, though, so it could be a while before this hits the big screen.

Photos by FAME