Bristol Palin Fires Back At Washington University

Yesterday I told you about how former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Bristol Palin was “uninvited” from her scheduled appearance at Washington University during their Sexual Responsibility Week. Now Bristol is speaking out about it via a statement released by her attorney.

“Bristol was invited to speak with college students as part of a panel. Evidently she has now been disinvited because of apparent concerns by some vocal members of the undergraduate community,” the statement reads.

“Bristol is deeply disappointed that an institution that publicly claims to “listen to diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives, to contribute rigorous academic standards and unbiased scholarship to discussions, and to encourage a civil discourse in which a pluralistic society can respectfully address complex and difficult issues” would withdraw an invitation to a speaker because of “uproar” over their assumed content of her message or even worse, because of her last name.”

Something tells me Bristol’s just adding fuel the fire, unfortunately.

One student who signed the petition protesting Bristol’s appearance said he was a Republican, had voted for the McCain/Palin ticket but was still against Bristol speaking, explained why. Click on the continue reading link below the thumbnails to find out why.

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Here’s why this college student opposed Bristol’s appearance:

“This is about paying an exorbitant amount of money to someone whose life has improved because of teenage pregnancy.

“Bristol got pregnant at 17 and is cashing in on that, she’s not someone we should be hearing from. I want to hear from someone who had dreams and goals that were put on hold by teenage pregnancy – instead, her life has been improved financially and publicity-wise.

“It’s very interesting how a 20-year-old who has only a GED can afford a 5-bedroom house.  We don’t want our student union money going to her mortgage, we’re promoting responsibility.

“She’s promoting ‘do as I say, not as I do,’ and I don’t agree with that. The story she has to tell doesn’t line up with the reality of the situation…

Ouch. Do you think either (or both, I guess) Bristol and this student have valid points?




  1. gcguy says

    I won’t get into a debate here, but I’ll just say Palin does not have a mortgage and paid only $172,000 for her home. I would say that’s pretty modest, regardless of how many bedrooms it has. As far as her fame, I think her mom may have a little bit more to do with it than her being 17 and pregnant, no?

    • molly says

      How you can speak of “only” and “pretty modest” for a 172,000 $ house is just beyond me. This is a 20-year old girl who never had to work for a living we are talking about here. You slap everyone in the face who is trying to make ends meet and who can only dream of a 200,000 $ house.

    • Jane says

      A $172,000 dollar house is “modest” for a 20 year old with minimal education? I’m 27 years old have gone to college and struggled to qualify for a $60,000 FHA loan.

      Bristal Palin has no authority to speak. How is she educated on the subject? She has not had to learn the hard way. Her family is rich, and she has profited from the situation. She has NOT gone through the struggles that the average teenager mother goes through. Is she working a minimum wage job, or struggling to attend a community college? No, she has been on TV and people are trying to regard her as some “authority”. It’s insulting.

  2. Lis says

    Just to point out, Bristol has other siblings. How much do we hear of them? Basically nothing. Her pregnancy (and therefore launch into the spotlight of tabloids) definitely is why we all know her name. And the college kid is right.

    Personally, I’m not interested in hearing about how she may try to say she had to go on “Dancing with the Stars” to make ends meet or some stupid thing. That sounds too much like the girls in magazines that whine about cutting back by only eating out twice a week instead of every day. Get over yourselves and venture into the real world.

  3. sandie says

    Perhaps she should became an actress since she has connections, but to try to charge money like she’s a pro speaker? Please! Like I said: loose some weight because she’s pretty, but looks chunky and become and actress and that way she can make lots of money.

  4. anonymous says

    It has absoultely nothing to do with her being a Palin….who wants to hear someone who was a highschool drop out, got pregnant at 16 and never had a real job in her life? This is not someone we want to look up and admire to. I think people are more irratated that she was going to get $25 grand for a 10 minute speech for something she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Her mother taught her about sexual abstinence and look where it got her.

  5. Nini says

    she is being dis-invited and when she comments you say she is fueling the fire?!!!!!!!
    I find your comment to be a complete hypocrisy.
    She has every right to address this.

  6. Anne says

    I agree with the student, get a person who has not had opportunities handed to them because of their last name. I think the majority of young single mothers could not afford a house worth that much money. As for the response, I think it would have meant more if it had come from her, in her words, not the lawyer (ie. “…and to encourage a civil discourse in which a pluralistic society…” ), does she even know what this means?

  7. angela says

    Seriously people, I like the Palins (gasp) and I think she is a good kid. Regardless of what anyone says, I think she would be interesting to listen to. Whether or not I would leave thinking she was a stupid young girl is a question that now cannot be answered. Personally, being a single mother at roughly the same age I think it would be interesting to hear her advocate sexual abstinence for unmarried teens. And, yes, she was on Dancing with the Stars, but she has had jobs and actually “worked”. Depending on where you live, 172,000 is modest. I had a town home for 170,000, and although nice, it was very modest. People are so quick to hate.

  8. Amy77 says

    It’s annoying that the Palins always think they are victims. Why can’t Bristol get it through her head that a lot if not most people think it’s laughable that she gets paid thousands to talk about abstinence and being a struggling teen mom. 19, 20 year old teen mothers do not buy “modest” $172,000 homes. They live with their parents or rent small apartments. Between making speeches and doing public appearances I doubt she “worked” more than few hours a week. I also wouln’t call giving speeches at $20,000 a pop a job. A lot of people in her situation would love to make that much in a year. I just find it laughable that she and her fans think she represents what teen moms are going through and think can speak for them.

  9. Kyra1 says

    I think it is interesting that they are saying they would rather have a teen mother on whose life had been put on hold. Yes, there is absolutely something you could learn from someone who had that experience, and they should certainly be on the panel, but surely the fact that Bristol has worked hard and made the most of the opportunities that came her way is something to celebrate and learn from? She suffered HUGE stigma for getting pregnant when she did and out of wedlock. It would have been so easy to hide away in shame and let the world think less of her. Instead she has gone out and turned the situation around, and made money to put a roof over her and her child’s head, food on the table and clothes on their backs. That determination to make the most of the situation, and refusal to be labelled as ‘that politician’s daughter who got pregnant when she was 17′ is something to emulate, surely? Let’s be honest here, this debate isn’t going to end teen pregnancy (and teen pregnancy is right for some people, lest we demonise it beyond reason, not for me, I’m 30 and childless and find the idea of a child at 17 scary beyond measure, but some people manage just fine, like, say, Miss Palin!) so why don’t we help teen mothers see that having a child doesn’t have to be the end of their dreams. They are unlikely to achieve Miss Palin’s level of success, but then that would be unlikely regardless of when the had a child, and they are also unlikely to suffer the same humiliation she did at the hands of the world press. She has gone out and made sure she can provide for her baby and herself. She isn’t perfect by any means, and I don’t know enough about her to say whether I like it or not, but I would have thought she had something useful to add to this debate, given that she is, in fact, a teen mother. Out of interest, was this outraged student a teen mother?! ;o)

  10. Kitt says

    I don’t think that she’s an authority on abstinence when SHE NEVER TRIED IT PERIOD!! There were pictures posted on line of her (at 15 and 16 years old) drunk and making out with other girls. Levi was her bestfriend’s boyfriend that she was sleeping with and trying to get pregnant by (on purpose). Stop it! I know that a lot of people are Palin fans – but let’s call things what they are. She’s an idiot! What could she possibly tell someone who’s struggling with academics about academics? What could she share about the difficulites of being abstinent when she’s never tried it? I was abstinent for 8-years – I could give that talk. AND I wasn’t f-ing everyone in my highschool. Pu-leeeeese!

  11. says

    I had a baby while in college and was a single mother however this Bristol Palin has nothing to say that would be beneficial to anyone since she has never really walked in the shoes os a single mother that worked hard for her education and raised a daughter alone. I am almost 40 and could not afford the mortgage she has now along with the expenses of raising a child alone. Not sure what world some of you live in but she is an UNEDUCATED single parent that is putting out the wrong message to all young girls. You can preach what you want in life but it’s what you do that will remain with people. She should never have received an invite and if the students don’t want her to speak, well lets face it – ITS THEIR MONEY TO SPEND NOT HERS! Wish she would shut up, get a real ljob with the qualifications she actually has and then see what life is like for a single mother raising a child only.