Halle Berry Wears A Ring On That Finger

Halle Berry was spotted wearing a ring on her “ring finger” yesterday in Los Angeles. There’s some speculation it’s an engagement ring (although it would be an unusual one if it was). Could it be that she and Olivier Martinez are taking things to the next level???

I, for one, am NOT buying. Halle has said she doesn’t plan to get married again, and she didn’t even marry Gabriel Aubry when they had a child together, so I just think this is a piece of jewelry she likes.

Then again, I didn’t think Reese Witherspoon was interested in getting married again, either, so what do I know?

Do you think Halle’s sporting an engagement ring?

Photos by FAME




  1. says

    What is the deal with Halley lately. She is not looking as sexy as I can remember. She has lost a lot of weight, I am seeing too much bones in her body. Not sexy, it seems like this is what her new man likes and she is looking to please him. Ewwww to her body right now, and may I say nasty to her new man. She could have found someone better looking and younger.

  2. Rosco's Mom says

    the deal with Halle is, other than her Revlon commercials and ONE lucky role, she is truly talentless and totally dysfunctional with ANY man in ANY relationship once the ‘honeymoon period’… usually 3 months of constant incredible cosmic sex, is over….. i srsly need to stay off these blogs…..when what finger someone wears what ring on is posted, well, I guess it’s not as bad as other “news” i see all the time!!!