Kim Kardashian And Kourtney Kardashian Take Kendall Shopping

What are big sisters for, if not to teach you how to shop? LOL

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted doing some shopping with their younger sister, Kendall Jenner. Even Scott Disick and baby Mason came along.

Looking at Kendall, I can see why she’s interested in a modeling career. That girl’s got some long legs! I bet they had a fun afternoon. I can’t help but wonder how much they ended up spending ;).

Photos by FAME




  1. audrey says

    Vera–Please please please please please stop posting about these creatures so often. Seriously! Do we need to know every freaking move they make every hour of the day? I used to love your site, now I can’t seem to get past all the Kardashian family posts. If they were even remotely interesting it would be one thing, but they are nothing more than fame wh*res who got lucky and got a reality show. Stop please!

    • Vedder says

      You are right, Audrey—long time INO posters like us do not matter. It is as if she is doing it to piss us off. No other sight does this crap for these opportunist famewhores. Vera has really latched on to loser D List Celebrities–and acts like they are royalty. That is why she bottom feeds off TMZ and Radar Online for her postings of real celebrites.

  2. dholmas says

    WOW. A bit of criticism from some posters. If you don’t like reading about the K family then scroll through it and on to the next article. By the way Vera good job with the sites.

  3. audrey says

    Some days that seems to be all there is–one post after another. There can’t possibly be that much interest in one family that they warrant at least a half dozen posts on any given day.

  4. mouse says

    I think she posts for the fashion. All three girls have interesting ensambles. And Scott’s lol! It’s rediculous. I cant believe no one mentioned it. I have been looking at this site since Vera started it and she does a great job. When I dont care for a post, I simply scroll past it.