Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Details Vegas Party With Charlie Sheen

Even though it’s been over 2 weeks ago, Michelle “bombshell” McGee is dishing details on Charlie Sheen’s recent wild Vegas weekend.

She tells Radar Online that among the many porn stars, there were drugs all over the penthouse suite:

There was a plethora of cocaine everywhere… it was a mountain of cocaine. It put Mt. Everest to shame… I had no interest whatsoever in the mound of cocaine that was in the room.”

“I think it’s going to go too far, and he’s going to end up killing himself. It’s like a train wreck, you want to watch but you don’t want to watch.”

“Chuck says ‘come on in girls, have yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable anything you help yourself to it’.

Michelle adds that she wasn’t paid like the other girls were:

“I wanted to say ‘hey Charlie where’s my money. I wasn’t paid to hangout’!”


I’m curious why she’s first talking about this 2 weeks later – and isn’t really giving any info that’s shocking or new. Perhaps she’s run out of life advice for Kat Von D?

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Celebrity Pictures: Justin Bieber And Matt Damon

Justin Bieber is making the rounds this week to promote his new movieNever Say Never“. Here he is stopping by to chat with David Letterman on his show – airing tonight. His movie releases on February 11th and he’ll follow it up with a performance at the Grammy’s that Sunday night. I am dying to see his weekend box office numbers.

Matt Damon continues to film his new flick “We Bought a Zoo“. The actor skipped out of the SAG Awards last night to catch the Laker’s game with friends instead.

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Poll Names The Most & Least Desirable Celebrity Spouses

There are lists and polls for just about every category under the sun, but it seems no matter how many there are – I’m amused by them. MY OK! Wedding magazine took a poll and has given the results for the least desirable celebrity spouses and the most desirable celebrity spouses. Take a look at the picks:

Least Desirable Celebrity Husband:

1: Charlie Sheen
2: Mel Gibson
3: Tom Cruise
4: Mickey Rourke
5: Pete Doherty
6: Marilyn Manson
7: David Hasselhoff
8: Ricky Gervais
9: Chris Moyles
10: Wayne Rooney

Least Desirable Celebrity Wife:

1: Amy Winehouse
2: Lindsay Lohan
3: Britney Spears
4: Heather Mills
5: Gwyneth Paltrow
6: Katie Holmes
7: Lady Gaga
8: Madonna
9: Nicole Kidman
10: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Charlie Sheen Getting Rehab Help At Home

It looks like Charlie Sheen hasn’t gone to rehab after all – rehab came to him!

TMZ learned that Charlie is doing rehab at home – for privacy reasons.

CBS, Warner Bros. and Charlie put their heads together and found an expert in addiction they think can help Charlie conquer his demons.

Reportedly the professionals have been spending time at Charlie’s home with him so that he doesn’t have to worry about his privacy being compromised at a rehab facility.

I wonder how pricey this new approach to treatment will be. No matter, if the man can afford $500k for drugs and hookers, I’m sure he can pay for at-home rehab.

Celebrity addicts often prefer to check into private drug rehabs not only because of their superior facilities, but because of the level of privacy they afford them as well.

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Trouble Brewing Between Lady Gaga And Her Beau?

Things have been pretty quiet on the Lady Gaga front since she and boyfriend Luc Carl rekindled their romance last summer. Today Life & Style reports that their relationship is headed for disaster.

A source shared:

“Gaga and Luc are fighting a lot. Their relationship has never been perfect — it’s always been tumultuous — but now it’s hanging by a thread.”

The source claims that Gaga’s friends are concerned about Luc’s motives for being with her:

“When she and Luc were catching up with her old pals in New York over New Year’s, he made zero effort to get to know them. He sat in the corner at the bar and pretended like no one else was there. Meanwhile, she was so happy to see everyone and catch up.
They think he’s using her because of how famous she is. He doesn’t treat her very well.”

It might just be me, but wouldn’t you think if Luc was using her for her fame that he’d try to get photographed with her more often? There are only a handful of photos of them to be found anywhere. I know that argument doesn’t hold much water, but they stay so much on the down-low, that I can’t imagine how he’s soaking up her fame, unless it’s networking with contacts, etc. And she doesn’t seem like the type that would put up with being treated badly for too long….

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Gwyneth Paltrow Gushes Over Beyonce’s Talent

Gwyneth Paltrow opened up to Harper’s Bazaar U.K. about being scared to perform at the Country Music Awards and being in awe of Beyoncé’s talent.

Gwyneth enlisted the help of her good friend to get ready to play a country music star in “Country Strong“, but was intimidated by Beyoncé’s gift:

“Beyoncé is the most talented human being on the planet. She has so much mastery over what she does. It’s not even confidence – it’s on a whole other level. It’s mind-blowing.”

“I watched her [perform] a lot to see how she did it, and I was like ‘S—! I can’t do that!’ ”

I wonder if her former BFF Madonna will be hurt by her interview? It’s gotta sting a little to hear her rave about Beyoncé’s talent like that?

She reflects on the days leading up to her CMA performance:

“Two weeks before I did it, I was dying. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I was like, ‘Why would I say yes to this? What is wrong with me? What kind of maniac would agree to do this?’ ”

She’s proud that she went through with it:

“It was one of those nights I’ll look back on and think, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I actually pulled that off.’ ”

Did you catch Gwyneth in “Country Strong“? What’d you think of it?

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