Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Details Vegas Party With Charlie Sheen

Even though it’s been over 2 weeks ago, Michelle “bombshell” McGee is dishing details on Charlie Sheen’s recent wild Vegas weekend.

She tells Radar Online that among the many porn stars, there were drugs all over the penthouse suite:

There was a plethora of cocaine everywhere… it was a mountain of cocaine. It put Mt. Everest to shame… I had no interest whatsoever in the mound of cocaine that was in the room.”

“I think it’s going to go too far, and he’s going to end up killing himself. It’s like a train wreck, you want to watch but you don’t want to watch.”

“Chuck says ‘come on in girls, have yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable anything you help yourself to it’.

Michelle adds that she wasn’t paid like the other girls were:

“I wanted to say ‘hey Charlie where’s my money. I wasn’t paid to hangout’!”


I’m curious why she’s first talking about this 2 weeks later – and isn’t really giving any info that’s shocking or new. Perhaps she’s run out of life advice for Kat Von D?

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  1. Jude says

    Um, Michelle, honey? A little advice: Charlie Sheen held a party in Vegas and only invited whores. You might not want to be bragging about being on the guest list, sweetie. Really.

  2. dholmas says

    All of his whores need to shut up and Charlie needs to clean up his act or he will lose everything including his life.