Jennifer Lopez Angry Over Steven Tyler Stealing The ‘Idol’ Spotlight?

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez is livid over the attention Steven Tyler is getting on “American Idol“.

A source tells PopEater that J.Lo is not a happy camper:

This was meant to be Jennifer’s big comeback. The entire re-branding of the show was built around her, but now it’s all about Steven 24/7.”

“She’s mystified at how this happened and has made it very clear to the producers that the cameras need to spend a little more time adoring Jennifer’s favorite idol — herself!”

A woman who wears $5 million in jewelry obviously loves to be the center of attention, but does it necessarily mean she’s jealous of her co-judges? What do you think? Are you finding yourself more entertained by Steven than Jennifer?

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  1. Dana says

    Everyone gets their time in the spotlight. At some point you have to expect that your time as the ‘hot thing’ is over. If she didn’t try so hard to be the center of attention in everything things may just start going her way. As it is, she just seems tired.

  2. Susan says

    Jennifer does not have the personality to pull of being an interesting Idol judge. And let’s face it, she is not the best judge of talent seeing as how practically everything she “sings” is synthesized and needs choreography to look good. She’s beautiful, for sure, but she should gracefully disappear.

  3. Sonia says

    Has anyone noticed when a pretty girl or a girl who obviously sings better then her walks in she taps her pen and starts getting all testy?

  4. Naev says

    I dont buy it, they seem to love working together- and she doesnt do anything to hog the attention, but seem to chee Steven on.