Joaquin Phoenix Snags ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunters’ Lead Role?

Yes, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter‘ is an actual movie being made. No, you don’t need another cup of coffee this morning. You aren’t hallucinating. It’s true!

Rumor has it that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to take the lead in the Seth Grahame-Smith adaption (there’s a novel in case you want to read it first). Tim Burton is attached to the film which makes me think it’s going to be a good one. That man can do no wrong.

I’m all for Joaquin working again – as long as he steers clear of Casey Affleck. Their documentary ‘I’m Still Here‘ was… interesting to say the least.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you up for seeing Ab Lincoln kill some vamps?

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  1. Ninni says

    Oh heck yeah. I hope it’s actually scary and gruesome, maybe throw some comic aspect there too as it’s Burton we’re talking about. So many vampire movies suck arse but i could imagine this one being great. And i do generally love even the sucky vampire / zombie etc movies :) Except when it’s teenage drama. Would love to see Joaquin act again.