Christina Aguilera Apologizes For Messing Up National Anthem During Super Bowl

We’ve already seen the video of Christina Aguilera messing up the National Anthem during the Super Bowl. You had to assume that the singer would want to release a statement about the flub.

And here it is. Christina says she got so caught up in the moment that the words escaped her. It’s understandable.

“I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

I’m SURE Christina won’t be able to shake this one for MONTHS. Every interview she does will include something regarding the National Anthem mistake. Get ready guys!! 😉

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  1. Natalie says

    She has a great voice but she has been singing incorrectly for most of her career…….She doesn’t come from the diaphragm but from the throat which results in her either over singing or screaming….She need to go back to a vocal coach because if she does a bit more work her voice would be outstanding.

  2. YAYI says

    First, this is something we learned as kids in school — so why all the excuses when people screw it up — if they’d just sing it the way it was written instead of putting more notes in that it calls for, it would sound so much better — and secondly, she is a professional singer right, so “being nervous” is no excuse either.

  3. Lori says

    Get over yourselves! Like any of you could do any better! You are all such pro’s, funny never heard of any of you. She is human, she made a mistake and actually owned it and apologized.

    @Natalie – With all of her grammy awards and over 11 years of success I don’t think she needs any of your advise.

    Tired of everyone putting down singers who actually sing live!!! She is a true vocal powerhouse! She sings beautifully!!

    • Vedder says

      STFU–Idiot–She bragged how she has sang this since she was 7 years old…She had to add her “nails on a chalkboard” voice and ruin it while next to a Color Guard and Veteran’s standing at attention–she is an embarassment and pathetic self absorbed insecure skank.

    • Natalie says

      As a follow up I did say she had a great voice but in a few years she will start to put strain on her vocal chords if she keeps on singing the way she does ( awards or not). Her voice will definitely not be the same and that would be a shame. Many established and powerful vocalist still use vocal coaches to help preserve their gift. I wasn’t saying she couldn’t sing.

  4. YAYI says

    I respect your opinion Lori, but because of her grammy awards and over 11 years of success it is why she was expected to deliverd as the true powerhouse that she is. No one can’t denied the fact that she is a talented woman. There is no need for all of the ornaments and unecessary trills and glisses as the forgetting of the lyrics. It appeared to me that she got lost because she was playing around with the melody so much. This tune is not a chance for singers to show off. It is our national anthem and its beautiful in it’s original state. I blame the coordinator more than Christina, but Christina should know as well, being a professional performer with so many years of success, when to use creative license and when NOT TO.

  5. Elli says

    Funny how she can remember all of the lyrics to HER songs, and yet she flubbs the most important song of all. I’m a Christina fan, but I’m disappointed in how she screwed this up. All she had to do was remember ONE song and sing it properly, and yet she couldn’t do that correctly. It’s the national anthem; It’s the one song that is SUPPOSED to be sung as written, and not ones own special version.

  6. says

    I was in the next room, having no interest in the Super Bowl, when this came on. I never, ever would have guessed this was the National Anthem which represents our country all over the world.. Forgetting the words, by a professional, although not understandable to me is forgivable, but the way this sounded was truly horrible. Christina did a real injustice to this song.

  7. says

    Being a professional at something does not mean one doesn’t make mistakes. It happens. She is not perfect. She was not on her “A” game. I guess actors never flub their lines because they’re “professionals.” I guess athletes never drop the ball because they’re “professionals.” Those of you who are acting as though her mistake is the most heinous thing you’ve ever heard, are obviously angels. Please let me know how you avoid bending your wings.

  8. Fergie sucked more!! says

    So everyones making a big deal about how christina messed up! Who fucking cares! She is the shit and always will be! Yet no one mentions how horrible fergie was at the half time show! The bitch cant even sing! UGH!!!!