Bethenny Frankel Admits To Obsessive Dieting

Anyone who’s ever seen Bethenny Frankel in person KNOWS that she took dieting a bit too far. Remember, the camera puts on 10 pounds and when I tell you that woman was thin, it’s an understatement. I interviewed her several years ago and I just couldn’t BELIEVE how frail she looked.

Today, we have a different Bethenny. The new mom has taken control of her life and eating habits and who’s life purpose is to help others do the same. The reality star / author admitted to Us Weekly that it took many, many years to get to this point:

I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting. Bingeing and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”

Among the “5,000 diets” Frankel tried: Atkins, the Scarsdale diet, the Beverly Hills diet, and the cabbage-soup diet.

“I would go buy magazines just to see what the new diet was and rip it out,” admits the star, who also battled an addiction to exercise.

I’m happy to hear Bethenny opening up about her struggles as I am sure many of her fans are currently in the same boat. Perhaps her story will heal another.

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  1. carol says

    I love that though Frankel slimmed down pretty quick after her pregnancy (she was thin before but not sickly looking. where are the pics of how “frail” she used to look?), she’s considered to have “taken dieting a bit too far” but pictures like this:

    gain praise by saying how “fit” she is. Give Kelly a hamburger and quit complaining just b/c Frankel looks halfway normal when she loses weight.

  2. Robn says

    Dear Bethenny Frankel,

    Get over yourself. Why do we need to hear all of your problems constantly? You should think about the fact that you are a Mother and stop putting yourself first in every newsbit that we get force feed about you. I’m getting tired of all of this B.F. “news”. We have real problems here in real life; not made up “dieting” problems. Please spare us.

    Thank you.

    • Robn says

      P.S. I get the fact that you’re a “Chef” & focused toward Natural Foods, but I don’t get how someone who so claims to be obsessed with food and being healthy not only ate very poorly during the final trimester of your pregnancy which supposedly caused you to deliver your daughter like a month prematurely… But then you didn’t even breast feed your teeny-tiny little premature 4 lb. ?-oz. Baby!?

      Make up your mind, are you really promoting “health” or are you promoting, say, YOURSELF? Maybe you should fire the market researcher who advised you to target your ‘Skinny Girl’ brand/line for daughter’s age group, that is pretty gross.

      Poor Little Baby Girl, someone should call CPS on you, hypocrite.

      *Thank Bravo for all this useless B.F. knowledge I have. I wouldn’t choose to watch this crazy Mess.

  3. Kim says

    She is the WORST person to dole out dieting advice. Everyone who knows her knows she starves herself, takes laxatives and throws up her food. She has a MAJOR eating disorder. Just look at how out of proportion her body is. She can deny it all she wants but she has an eating disorder and its really sad her husband or friends dont force her to get help!

    She is probably saving it for a future reality show where they do an intervention, she admits problem and goes to rehab all on camera. Then she can bring out a line of HEALTHY girl margaritas, books etc. and talk about the pressure of RHONY and how it made her have eating disorder etc.

    By the way she has had this disorder for YEARS. Long before she was in the limelight.

  4. blah says

    I know people that know her and they claim she has been a laxative junkie for years. I always wondered if it was true, but I read this story on another site and in the full story, she actually admitted to laxative use.
    She definitely has that bobble-head appearance.

  5. For The Love Of God! says

    Gawd, when will this typical New Yorker go away?!? It’s comical how she makes everything about HER and the constant whining is about the most sickening thing to hear & her speech goes 100mph! Pleaseeeeeeeeee go away, Bethenny; your whining is most ridiculous. Geez!

  6. ceecee says

    she admits to starving and exercise purging, but not puking. Those bizarre cheeks are from vomiting repeatedly for years. Admit the whole truth, you self absorbed freak!

  7. Patricia says

    I wish she’d go away! Take care of your daughter & be a Mom. The world is over you & these hideous realty TV shows already!!