Meg Ryan And John Mellencamp Out In Soho

Wow, I can’t believe that these two are really together! Seeing John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan together though they look really good!

The couple, who have been together since John announced his separation from his wife, haven’t been seen together very often. But the couple was spotted out and about in Soho today looking like they’ve been a couple for a very long time!

They look pretty cute together, what do you think?!

Photos by FLYNET




  1. Krizzzzam says

    Dear lord I have always <3ed JCM (yes, I need to put the cougar in there) but OMG, is he out in sweatpants? really? She must be in love…

  2. Sam says

    It’s nice to see he chose someone equally famous and more his own age. So many 50+ year old male celebs shack up with 20something year old golddiggers (like kelsey grammer).

    They make a surprising couple and I hope it works out for them!

  3. deb earp says

    in the name of Jesus i pray a hedge of thorns between john and meg. i pray psalms 38 over john and that he will come out of the love trenches. that God will deal with meg for not leaving john and elaine alone to work out their marriage and realize she is an enabler. i pray for peace & comfort for elaine and sons. thank you jesus amen

  4. Jane says

    OMG Deb, why are U abusing The Lord & His Son for your own selfish wishes? Not that The Lord is listening to you anyway. These two are still together and stronger than ever. Even all his kids love her! Why do you want John Mellencamp to be unhappy?