Celebrity Pictures With Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr

New parents Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were seen heading into the Balenciaga Office in Paris today.  Miranda is looking for a dress to wear tomorrow for Paris Fashion Week.

Miranda looks incredible! I am amazed at how quickly these celebrity/models get their figures back after having a baby! I mean we just saw Penelope Cruz at the Oscars looking incredible and now Miranda.

Do you think that it’s inspiring or depressing for the average woman to see that?

Photos by FAME




  1. Nyx says

    I don’t think it’s depressing for the average woman. I’m an average woman and I had three children. Two weeks after their birth, I was back in my regular size 3 & 5 clothes. I didn’t gain a lot of weight pregnant because I always remembered what my doctor said, “You’re eating for two but not two full-grown adults so govern yourself accordingly.” I think a lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse for an eating free-for-all and then don’t understand why they have so much “baby” weight afterward. The celebs we’ve been seeing didn’t gain piles of weight pregnant and are probably breast-feeding which speeds weight loss after birth so it’s no surprise they’ve almost got their pre-baby bods back so soon after birth, IMO.

    • Casey says

      I totally agree. When I was pregnant I gained 26 pounds. I could hav gained more, easily but thats not healthy. Gaining more than about 40 is actually very unhealthy, even detrimental. Pregnancy is one of the most stressful times for the human body and youre going to put it through more by gaining 60 pounds?? under what other circumstnaces would a woman allow herself to gain THAT much in 9 months??? I had to be very very careful, i have a weak spine and of course pregnncy puts enough pressue on that as it is!
      A woman doesnt actually NEED any increase in her calorific intake until the third trimester, adn even then only by a few hundred calories. I can see the temptation, the ease of being able to say, ‘Im not fat, im pregnant’, well you can be both.
      And women who think that its all going to melt off in childbirth, that its ‘baby’ weight?? Kidding themselves. utterly in denial, and stupidly so. Think of how hard it is to lose weight under normal circumstances, then become mentally, physically and emotionally drained, feel horrible about how you look, possibly post partum, trying to look after a newborn and then try. not to mention in the 6 weeks youre not allowed to workout, you become so reseigned to it, why bother even trying?
      Celebs just do whats sensible, if under odd circumstances, they gain the necessary weight, not tons more. plus, its your baby, what you eat, is what provides their nutrition, why would you want to do that via cheeseburgers and fried food. ust like normal, the odd indulgance isnt fine, but thinking the baby is a catchall reason to gain weight and do no exercise(the other delightful myth-that women should do NOTHING whislt pregnant, please) is ridiculous

  2. Ronald Oliver says

    I think it should be very inspiring for any women. It’s really all about believing in yourself. Having an optimistic outlook is essential. Otherwise, you are pretty much defeated. It’s all about the state of mind. Just do it.

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