Vanessa Hudgens And Emily Browning Attend Lakers Game (Plus More Racy Photos For Vanessa)

Sucker Punch actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Browning were photographed heading to the Lakers game last night. Looks like Blondie and Babydoll (their names in the film which releases March 25th) got close while filming. That’s so nice!

Once the game ended, Vanessa signed a few autographs while Emily shyly did the same. Fame gets easier Emily! Don’t worry!

Did you hear that there is another set of racy Vanessa Hudgens photos that are about to hit the web? We’ve already seen Vanessa Hudgens naked – how bad can they be???

One is allegedly of Vanessa kissing Alexa Nikolas. Girl on Girl – that will get some attention for sure.  If you want to see this pic – click on the continue link below.

Here’s to hoping the shots are of a girl who LOOKS like Vanessa and not actually the actress. If it IS Vanessa, someone needs to take her camera away. PRONTO.

Photos by FAME




  1. says

    Both of my kids absolutely love Vanessa Hudgens but after all these scandals I am really concerned if this might affect my kids moral in a really negative way? I saw all the nude pictures of Vanessa and I must say I am upset!

    How can it be allowed to release pictures like this to the public? Vanessa Hudgens is supposed to be a role-model to kids and teenagers and not a p*rn star!!