Wyclef Jean Shot In The Hand

Goodness! Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand in Haiti, but his publicist says the wound was “superficial.” He received treatment at a hospital before being released.

“He is doing well,” [his publicist] Tanenbaum said.

Haiti is in the midst of a presidential run-off vote. Wyclef has a deep interest in aiding Haiti and the politics there: he wanted to run for president (against Sean Penn’s wishes) but was ruled ineglible. Wyclef was born in Haiti.

Thank goodness he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Photos by WENN.com




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    Wyclef needs to stay out of Haiti. He doesn’t need a brain surgeon to tell him this, by going to Haiti, he puts the life of not only himself at risk but the lives of many surrounding him. Just reckless. He does not need to prove that he loves his country by going there and risking the lives of many. Just stupid.

  2. says

    Wyclef is really a good dude, not many artists give back to their community and help other artists as he does. He has a good heart and an ear for talent. He’s either helping those who are in HAITI, or those how have the drive to be a great singer/rapper. Very sad to hear about incident. I’m just glad his injuries weren’t more severe.