Funny Video: Charlie Sheen Surprises Jimmy Kimmel

Warning: you may not want the kids listening to this.

Charlie Sheen surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s audience (and has to be bleeped out a couple of times) last night.

It was what: a week or so ago that Charlie was everywhere and now it looks like he’s struggling to stay in the limelight. Well, people certainly want to see him in person. Did you buy a ticket for his live tour?




  1. Dana says

    In what dream world does it look like Charlie Sheen is struggling? He’s selling out a tour as a non-singer/dancer/rock band. He’s in the gossip columns almost everyday, over 3 million followers on Twitter, selling T-shirts with his face and catch phrases like gangbusters, etc. AND, ( remarkably), passing every drug test he’s given.
    Charlie may be coming off as a bit crazed, but Chuck Lorre is coming off as a petty, sad, little tyrant that slit the throat of the golden goose because it finally got sick of him slapping it and squawked. The execs at CBS are coming off as blithering idiots that couldn’t handle a simple HR matter between management and an employee.

  2. K says

    Where is he struggling to stay in limelight?????–Look at 90% of the people you post about and that is the case with them–PLUS!! CBS and Two and a Half Men want him back—he is WINNING–and you are bent about it…get over it.