Whoopi Goldberg Smoked Pot Before Accepting Her Oscar

Whoopi Goldberg has admitted that she was so nervous before accepting her Oscar in 1991, that she smoked cannabis in hopes of “relaxing herself”.

Winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in recognition of her role as Oda Mae Brown in ‘Ghost’, the  55-year-old actress admitted her mother knew as soon as she saw her accept the award.

In a video of her voiceover for the 1992 movie ‘The Pagemaster’ obtained by TMZ, Whoopi said: “My mother called me afterwards and said, ‘You smoked didn’t you? Your eyes were just glistening.’

“So I panicked and got the Oscars tape to see whether you could tell and you just couldn’t. I know you’re not supposed to admit that you smoke pot but I don’t drink alcohol!”

She said:

“I learned a great lesson though. Never smoke pot before there’s the possibility of having to talk to one hundred million people. Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are one thing that relaxes me and I thought, ‘I’ve got to relax.’

“So I smoked this joint that was the last of my home grown and honey, when he said my name and I popped up, I was like, ‘Oh f**k, oh f**k, up the stairs one two three four five, onto the podium. There’s millions of people, OK grab the statue.’ I knew I should have never had done it.”

Wow, I’m shocked! Does it surprise you that Whoopi smoked pot?

Photos: Wenn.com




  1. Nicole2490 says

    Who doesn’t? lol, If that were me, I’d have done the same thing! I can’t see how it is acceptable to get hammered drunk and act a fool but you can’t relax with pot. The ONLY thing wrong is that (as I remind my husband) it is illegal.

  2. mouse says

    pot as less medical implications than alcohol and is not has harsh on lungs as cigarettes. People need to get over weed. I could totally see whoopie as a smoker

  3. Kim says

    Big deal, lots of people smoke weed but just won’t admit it because of the stigma attached. It is so much better than drinking.

  4. Allison says

    I am not surprised at all, I think most people would be shocked to learn who actually smokes it. One day the idiots of the world will realise there is nothign wrong with marijuana. People die every day from nicotine related problems, and yet this product is still allowed on the market? My hope is that cigarettes will be made illegal and Marijuan will be made legal. But go Whoopi, I would have freaked the F out if I had been stoned and had to accept an Oscar!! Holy shit.