Man! Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriend Kris Humphries Is TALL

I get that NBA stars are abnormally tall. They have to be in order to compete in the big league – but putting Kris Humphries right next to Kim Kardashian really gives me some perspective.

Even in a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos boots, Kim is nowhere NEAR Kris’ tall frame. :)

Here they are out for a walk in the Meat Packing district of NYC over the weekend.  Kris looks a bit nervous about the cameras. You’d think he’d be used to all this pressure. Wait until Khloe Kardashian gets a hold of him!! :) LOL!

Photos by FAME




  1. YAYI says

    Look at her face. Can’t someone be more upset to see a camera Lol. This chick is addicted to attention. I wonder what she would do if she comes out of lunch, shopping or her home and their is no one waiting with a camera….oh, wait a minute, She’s a reality “star” she’s making sure that NEVER happens haha.

  2. Giusy says

    Kim is 1,59m tall and Kris 2,06 m :) They make a beautiful couple together!! I can’t wait to see the proposal, and my little finger tells me that it’s gonna be soon…. 😛

  3. Momx4 says

    Aren’t the tall girls going to be mad that the short chick totally wasted a handsome tall guy when she could have married a guy 5 foot 6?