Guess Who?

I’m not sure I EVER would have guessed this celeb based on the picture alone. Maybe you’re better than me, though :).

I’ll put the answer (and the explanation for the costume) after the break. Click on continue reading below!

Photo by Casey Rodgers/AP

It’s ‘Private Practice’ star Kate Walsh! 42 Below Vodka hosted a 70s “glam bash” to promote Kate’s new perfume, ‘Boyfriend.’

Kate’s former co-stars Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, and Taye Diggs were on hand to celebrate with her. Bet it was a fun evening!

Photos by FAME




  1. Anonymous says

    I knew who it was and I don’t even know why Kate Walsh is famous, just know her face from here.

  2. Ninni says

    i can see it now, but she didn’t even cross my mind. i was thinking it had to be a man, but when i looked at the pic her boobs seemed ral not fillers which just made me give up. otherwise i’dve been staring and trying to think of a guy.

  3. Allison says

    I guessed Kate Walsh and was right! I could tell in the eyes and the smile, and I dont even watch anything she is in.