Susan Lucci And Kelly Ripa React To ‘All My Children’ Cancellation News

Earlier today it was announced that ‘One Life to Live‘ and ‘All My Children‘ have been canceled. All My Children is scheduled to go off the air in September, followed by One Life To Live in January of 2012.

Actress Susan Lucci is keeping a positive attitude:

“It’s been a fantastic journey. I loved playing Erica Kane and working with [show creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I’m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.”

Just ten days ago Kelly Ripa had told Us magazine that she couldn’t imagine AMC being off the air:

“I can’t even think about that. All My Children means so much more to me than any place, because [Mark and I] met there, we had our children there, it was a big part of our lives, and I think that to cancel a show that has been on television for so many years, what are you going to replace it with? I mean I just don’t know. I just feel like it’s such a training ground for so many actors.”

Are you shocked at the news? Will there be any soaps left??

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  1. says

    Wait… What?????? They just can’t cancel AMC & OLTL! I’ve watched those since I was a kid!! That’s just wrong!!! What the heck are they gonna replace them with??? More talk shows? UGH… I give up… There’s no reason to have SOAP channel any more… what are they gonna call it??? Oh what an end to my day :( booooo

  2. says

    i dont think its rite this is a hit i make sure i watch it on daily basis what would replace it garbage yall are nuts it must stay on the ive watched it since i was 13 n im now 35 so think again of what a bad decision it will be

  3. Jan says

    And then Coronation Street which has been on for 50 years or so is gaining more and more viewers. Go figure. People are finally waking up to realize just how mindless american style soap operas are with everyone being rich and living in styles that 99% of viewers cannot relate to. Give me a Corrie episode anyday !

  4. says

    i cannot get over the fact that they are canceling my favorite soap operas. all my children and one life to live are the bomb.i refuse to watch the crap they plan on replacing them with we fans will not stop fighting!