Brooke Mueller Refuses To Take Drug Test: Charlie Sheen Heading Back To Court

This is SO sad! If these stories are true, then it looks like Brooke Mueller has indeed fallen off the wagon. TMZ reports that she refused to take a drug test last night. A refusal is considered a “dirty test” under her custody deal with Charlie Sheen.

Radar Online reports that Charlie is preparing to go back to court. He could ask for temporary custody of the boys while Brooke goes to rehab.

I feel horrible for their sons! Addiction is a tough, tough illness to manage.

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  1. Kitt says

    OMG – I hope this is not true. If she is indeed an addict – then the twins have TWO parents that are crack addicts. WOW – It makes me sad because I feel like they don’t stand a chance.

  2. says

    Because she is still under the influence that is why she is refusing to take the test. There is not much difference between her and Charlie, she is just as screwed up as he is, there is just more heat on Charlie because of who he is. They are both irresponsible parents, period.