Kate Middleton’s Last Public Appearance Before The Royal Wedding?

Kate Middleton, sister Pippa, mother Carole, and her father Mike were snapped as they arrived to London’s Goring Hotel this afternoon. It’s believed that this is where Kate will stay tonight ahead of tomorrow’s big event.

I’ve been watching (listening to) BBC America all day in the background as I work, and I did learn that once married, Kate will go by Katherine instead.

I think all of the media outlets – entertainment and otherwise – are solely focused on The Royal Wedding this week! It’s like things are on a stand-still in the celebrity world.

Photos by Wenn.com




  1. Casey says

    Of course she’d go as Catherine, we’d hardly have a princess/duchess Kate nor a queen Kate. Just as wills is not Prince Wills but Prince William. That is just about the stupidest comment I’ve read thus far about the wedding. It’s bloody obvious, why did you feel the need to point that out???