Quote Of The Day: Lynda Carter’s Advice To New Stars

The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, shared some advice to new stars via Pop Eater about how to deal with fame:

“I think the one thing the Screen Actors Guild should do is, when fame first hits you, that you are required to go to therapy. Because everybody loves you. Until you realize, no, they don’t really love you. They love the character and the persona. They love that. But you can’t get all over yourself.”

And Lynda admits she let it get to her head when the show ‘Wonder Woman’ blew up:

“Totally big head. I thought I was all that.”

You can see her interview here. Sounds like good advice to me! are you listening, Adrianne Palicki? And the ‘Wonder Woman’ reboot is one show I can’t WAIT to see next fall.

Photos by WENN.com