Video: Jesse James Still Taking Digs At Sandra Bullock

I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore. Jesse James STILL has the nerve to take digs at ex-wife Sandra Bullock while promoting his new book ‘American Outlaw.’

Here’s a clip of his interview on CNN’s show ‘Piers Morgan.’ He implies Sandra wasn’t honest in her acceptance speeches when she said her “work got better” after meeting Jesse.

Hopefully Sandra takes a moment each day to be thankful to be RID of this guy!




  1. wolf says

    You must hate men today–all vindictive at Charlie Sheen and this guy–like you know them. I guess I should be impressed that there are actually personalities whose ass you DON’T kiss.

  2. Marcella says

    Jesse James seems more like a teenager than an adult. He’s very interested in classifiations like “I’m a rough ‘n tumble biker” and “she’s an uptown girl.” And, with his new lady – “We both like tattoos and the same type of art and music, so we’re the same type of people.” It strikes me that he’s somewhat immature. Teenagers have that “you are your clique” and “you are what you like” type of thinking. When I was a teenager it was headbangers, punks, jocks, preps, etc. and there was NO cross-pollonation allowed. When you grow up those classifications cease to have meaning. And if you like top 40 and someone else likes speed metal, big deal – that’s not what defines you.

  3. In phx says

    I was shocked at Jesse James immaturity. He also struck me as being insecure, effeminate, and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  4. Kitt says

    What a douche! He wears his insecurity like a badge of honor. Dude – get over your MF self!!!!!!!!!!!