Serena Williams Posts Picture Of Herself In Bra And Panties

WHY would Serena Williams post such a provocative picture of herself on her Twitter stream? This isn’t the message that she typically sends out. Very interesting…

Here’s the shot where Serena is seen in high heels, a bra and panties. The tennis star then pulled down a few hours later. OF COURSE a few THOUSAND sources snagged the image before she had a chance to change her mind.

What do you think of celebs who do attention grabbing stunts like this? At least it wasn’t a naked shot of Serena Williams! Because we’ve seen celebs do that too (ahem Courtney Love).




  1. Jude says

    It looks like a professional photograph and she looks beautiful in it. She’s been photographed wearing less on the beach. I don’t see what the big deal is here.

  2. dutchgirl says

    Since it was taken in the perfect light and shows a very favorable silhouette it has to be a professional picture! Very hot, good for her!