Is Justin Bieber’s New Fragrance Commercial Awkward? (Video)

Justin Bieber is having a banner week. He won a slew of Billboard awards, enjoyed some PDA with girlfriend Selena Gomez and now he has a new fragrance ad running rampant across the world wide web.

The ad is for his new fragrance for women, “Someday”.

What do you think of it? I don’t know if it’s because he’s only 17, but it just looked all kinds of wrong. Everything that Justin touches usually turns to gold, but this was underwhelming. (in my humble opinion)





  1. says

    I also agree. Selena is too old and WAY too good for him. This commercial is also gross, sexual, and ridiculous. The way he’s just randomly smelling her is creepy.

    • Nicole says

      lol I agree. It’s so stupid although i do like JB but no obsessively. This is kinda weird the way he like all under her kneck i dont get it.

  2. Mikayla says

    This is stupid. He’s stupid. Why is Selena even with him? He looks like a child compared to her. and is it just me, or does it seem like justin and selena are taking things fast? They need to slow down, especially when they’re out in public. I mean, selena is a role model to girls everywhere. She needs to watch what she does in public with justin bieber. Who knows, maybe little by little she’s becoming like the rest of the former disney stars.

  3. Nicole says

    I think when you grow up into a business like Disney. Your forced to be perfect, pretty, and a good girl/boy. It’s only an amount of time before they break out of that phase. I know I wouldn’t be able to be good forever. The things Selena does with her BF is what I’d do with my BF. It’s normal. Yes, I do agree she should be careful in public, but come on guys. She just like us. She doesn’t have to be a good/girl all the time. Everyone has to let go sometimes.