Helena Bonham Carter And Her Kids Stroll Around London

Helena Bonham Carter and her kids, Billy and Nell, were snapped walking in London together this morning.

I wonder how Helena feels about saying goodbye to the character of Bellatrix in the Harry Potter films?  It must have been a bit fun to play someone so evil.  LOL!

Photo by Flynet




  1. Lynn Angela Pisco says

    I think Helena Bonham Carter is one hecka of playing ” Bellatrix Lestrange ” from the “Harry Potter ” movies as well as many others ! If there’s going to be another episode of ” Law and Order : SVU ” within the future, I think she should play a female character who is a formal student in a Art University college studying how to become an artist from her school and wants to get a job as a ” Sketch artist ” for their police department too but then again, she was stalked by another woman ( Ellen Degeneres ) who is her formal teacher from the art department as well and wanted to ask her out but she refused ! Something like that obviously will take matters of it’s hands !