Starz Cancels ‘Camelot’ After Just One Season!

Bad news for fans of the new Starz series “Camelot” – it has been canceled after just one 10-episode season!  THIS is why I hate to try out a new series – they suck you in and then yank it from you!  The show was Starz’ highest rated new series ever, but the ratings dropped off significantly throughout the course of the season.  Starz said:

Due to significant production challenges, Starz has decided not to exercise the option for subsequent seasons of Camelot with our production partners GK-tv, Octagon Films, and Take 5 Productions.”

The show featured Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Fiennes, and Eva Green.

Were you watching?  Are you upset over the cancellation?




  1. candace says

    i watched the show and really enjoyed it…I even got my father watching it now on demand…this sucks :-(

  2. missysteffy says

    Here’s the problem.
    They didn’t really promote it much after the first ep AND it didn’t grow a word-of-mouth audience. It might have started off strong, but that was right after Spartacus finished up. It had no staying power. And Starz didn’t throw the weight into this show as it did with Spartacus.

    And yeah, Game of Thrones was better, had a better cast and story. Plus it had GREAT word-of-mouth to help the audience grow each week.

    Maybe another network (Showtime?) can pick it up. Showtime needs something to catch up with HBO juggernaut shows (True Blood/Game of Thrones/Boardwalk Empire).

    • anony says

      Showtime has a ton of big shows – Californication, The Big C, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, etc.

  3. says

    Well that is sure a bummer. I enjoyed the show, but had a huge weakness. The biggest problem was it could of been more kick ass if they would of made Merlin a bad ass instead of a little bitch. Plus the guy who played King Arthur was just awful.

  4. Nealia says

    Oh non, it’s too bad. I liked the show, even if Game oh Thrones is much more better, and I loved Eva Green. :(

  5. Too Bad says

    I’m not surprised it got cancelled. The supporting cast was great. It was the guy they chose for Arthur . . . just awful. No leading man potential at all. And what’s up with his weird huge oddly shaped forehead?

    Yeah they miscast him which is a mistake you cannot make.

  6. manon says

    Fienne’s Merlin was too much of a wimp. The actor who played Leontes should have been cast as King Arthur. Eva Green’s character was too one-dimensional. There were no shades of grey, and yes, Game of Thrones was superior. It’s too bad, it had lots of potential.

  7. Stockton says

    Let’s face it, Joseph Fiennes was AWFUL. I agree with others that the lead, King Arthur, was very miscast. Sorry there will be people out of work on this, but I stopped watching it after the first two shows– bored to death. Yes, go to the “Thrones”- best stuff ever…

  8. Steamblade says

    True, Arthur was horribly miscast as Jamie Bower makes Chris Crocker seem rugged by comparison. However, I enjoyed the rest of the cast, especially Guinevere. I’m no fan of blondes, but she was smoking hot. I also don’t get all of the Joseph Fiennes hate, he was no Nicol Willamson, but I didn’t dislike him. Merlin would have been better served by being fleshed out by the writers more and letting loose occasionally with his power.

  9. Colleen says

    I loved this show! I’m so sad. :-(

    I’ve cancelled my Starz subscription as of yesterday. They can suck it.

  10. Deborah Greene (@blythe5050) says

    IM SO SAD i really loved the show and really disappointed to see it go belly up. i didnt like arthur but i figured along the way the would let him grow up to some other castmate but other than that i loved it especially morgan she was as crazy as hell. she really made the show.

  11. allison fitch says

    I am SOOOO glad they cancelled Camelot. I did not want this show, along with everything else in this recent mass obsession with Medievall-y Europe themes. I realize that the story goes back further than that, but all anyone ever does is present it as if it is medieval europe, as if we crawled out of the primordial ooze wearing medieval dresses and jousting! I HATED Camelot, and I’m so glad it’s gone, and I’m IRRITATED that people are signing petitions to bring it back!

  12. Pam lancaster says

    Such. Shame No more Camelot !!
    It was the one thing to look forward to now what just more reality TV
    Boring boring boring