Rachel Zoe And Baby Skyler Go For A Starbucks Stroll

While Rachel Zoe’s baby Skyler may not be in school just yet, I think its safe to say that he will most certainly be the best dressed tyke. After already hitting Barney’s with his mom last month, the mommy-and-son pair were spotted out and about over the weekend grabbing Starbucks in LA.

Getting a little help from her nanny, the star stylist of Bravo’s Rachel Zoe Project, went casual for her coffee run, donning a fedora, wide leg jeans and a flowly black top, while baby Skyler stayed hidden in his colorful carriage.

Hmm, wonder what the Zoe has planned for Skyler’s first 4th of July?

Photos by WENN.com


  1. the captain says

    believe it or not: she is SPONSORED by them(starbucks).

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