Avril Lavigne Promotes Her Abbey Dawn Abroad

Are the bulbs from the photogs that blinding or was it just an extremely bright day out? Punk rocker turned gothic glam queen Avril Lavigne is spending her summer away from boyfriend Brody Jenner, but don’t fret, there isn’t trouble in paradise. The 26-year-old was spotted promoting her clothing line, Abbey Dawn, overseas in Berlin this past week.

While some of the line’s pieces are adorable cute and wearable, I’m not exactly digging Avril’s promotional ensemble. Pairing her oversized shades with a tatty off-the-shoulder tee, American flag inspired leggings and funky flip flops doesn’t exactly scream red carpet glamour, but as Avril says, “What the Hell?”

Photos by WENN.com


  1. Kaylee says

    Anyone who dresses in that shit for a promo for a clothing line is drunk, high or stupid. All synonms for Avril Lavigne. Seriously, there isnt a single ting shes wearing that isnt 100% fugly. I’d say she dresed in the dark but that means that she alrady had these pieces in her wardrobe. there is no excuse for these clothes to have been ever ever made let alone worn especially together. although its hysterical for me, getting to watch an utter moron try to sell herself as some great fashionista when she cant even be bothered to dress for a promo. Shes such a waste of oxygen

  2. Kaitlin says

    What she doesn’t realise is the line would be good….For celebrities. No normal people would wear this crap. Only she does because she’s a celebrity and can get away with it. not to mention it’s overpriced. $50 for a zebra print little jacket??

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