Selena Gomez Is Ready For Take Off

Her bags were definitely packed and she was ready for take off. Actress turned singing starlet Selena Gomez looked as if she was ready for a long nap on an airplane after she was spotted leaving her London hotel on July 8. With a pillow and teddybear in tow, this 18-year-old is still just a Disney girl at heart.

Though Selena has spent most of her summer promoting her new album and her flick Monte Carlo. Whether or not the former Wizards of Waverly Place alum is headed back state side to see her beau Justin Bieber, or off to another destination unknown, we hope she gets some much deserved/needed rest.

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  1. whatever says

    umm she can have a teddy bear if she wants too so u can shut up… anyway i love selena outfit she looks so cute but she needs to get some sleep she been so tired lately i love you sel.

  2. QueenOfTrashin says

    Uh, Whatever, how can you see her outfit AND how do you know she needs to get some sleep because she has been soooooo tired lately? Personal friend? Then talk to her about the annelids on her mouth. Unattractive.

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