Paris Hilton Accidentally Catches A Wave

It was just another sunny Malibu day at the beach for the now sorta-single Paris Hilton. The heiress, who split with beau Cy Waits earlier this summer, and quickly rebounded with Hangover director Todd Phillips,was almost washed away when she hit the beach on July 10.

The World According to Paris star set up a tent, along with her little sister Nicky Hilton, complete with beach beds to relax and possibly party with pals. However, all their Sunday plans literally came crashing down once the tide came in and nearly carried the beds out to sea. Fortunately, both Paris and Nicky, along with their friends, were A-okay and they were able to continue their beach bash. Better luck next time girls!

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  1. sandie says

    After watching “The world according to Paris” I concluded that her life is not so exciting (even if she’s rich) and interesting.