Ryan Reynolds Secret To Hollywood Survival

One of the things I’ve always been most impressed about when it comes to Ryan Reynolds is his ability to be a big movie star without getting caught up in all the drama that comes along with it (even with his marriage and divorce with another big star, Scarlett Johansson). So what’s his secret? One: no talking about gossip.

“That’s the thing I learned early on: No matter how preposterous it is, I don’t say a word (about tabloid stories), ever. If you start doing it, you have to do it every time. I let it do its thing and watch it come and go. I’m pretty good at not looking at anything.”

And how does he manage to avoid the paparazzi much of the time? He won’t spill that secret, but he said this:

“Lately I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been in Africa shooting for five months. I also think it’s important. I don’t think you need to be in the spotlight that much. The spotlight can be a very stressful place to be. People can unravel. To vanish, to have everyday regular life experiences — it informs your work, it informs everything. It allows you to sustain this a lot longer. This world can be very fleeting. And if you’re not cultivating other aspects of your personality, you can be screwed very quickly.”

Hear, hear! I think Ryan is navigating Hollywood success very well, don’t you?

Photos by FAME