Jennifer Garner Dishes On Her New Movie, ‘The Odd Life Of Timothy Green’

Jennifer Garner has a new movie coming out this month called ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green.’ It’s about a couple (Jennifer and co-star Joel Edgerton) who can’t have a child and one night fantasize about their perfect child (“He’d be honest to a fault“) over a bottle of wine.

Then thir perfect child shows up, at the age of 10, on their doorstep. But those perfect qualities “manifest in ways they could never have imagined,” according to the director.

Jennifer said their child is “nothing more, nothing less” than what they wished for.

“He doesn’t have any emotional memories. He’s completely naïve to the way the world works … someone who’s honest to a fault is called honest to a fault for a reason.”

I wonder if Jennifer has any experiences with “too honest” kids? This sounds like a quirky movie. You can see some pictures from the movie here. Sound interesting?

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  1. Anonymous says

    The movie does not come out till August 2012. She is not promoting it, Disney is having some kind of expo for their anniversary and part of that celebration is announcing there movie schedule for the next few years. Jennifer’s next movie is BUTTER which should come out later in the year.

    • anony says

      Jennifer’s next movie isn’t Butter. That has been completed and shelved for eons already. The distribution deals kept falling through.

  2. Captain Video says

    FYI *Butter* premieres next month at the Toronto International Film Festival (September 2011).

  3. Joann Davison says

    I positively loved Jennifer On Alias and Tried never to miss a single episode ! I was so sorry when it ended and have several videos that I plan to keep and watch. I wish her the best and hope her career and life as a wife and mother will continue to be wonderful.