Ashley Tisdale Hits The Shops

Ashley Tisdale was practicing some retail therapy yesterday, but it doesn’t look like it helped: I’ve never seen someone shopping who looked so down. What could possibly be wrong? Buy yourself something nice and turn that frown upside down, girl!

It couldn’t have been difficulty finding anything flattering: Ashley’s been staying in shape and looking amazing. Maybe problems with Zac Efron? I haven’t seen any pics of them together since they were spotted at the beach.

Photos by FAME




  1. Catherine says

    Ashley and Zac are NOT together. They have both stated that they are friends. He was with her on the beach celebrating her birthday.

  2. Kaylee says

    Why do my comments keep not showing??? Is is because I called into question your continued motives to act like she and EfrOn are together? And what the he’ll he’d have to do with a shopping spree?? Girl goes shopping, doesn’t buy anything ooooh must be boy trouble. Please!! How do you know she didn’t purchase anything? Maybe she had it shipped, maybe she just didn’t see anything she liked. Was the only way you could make it ‘news’ was to link it to efron? Wow

    • Kodie says

      I agree! I posted a comment about how this website is getting REALLY bad at posting accurate information and it’s “awaiting moderation” yet spam comments on other posts pop up right away.

      This used to be my favorite celebrity blog but it has really gone down hill lately.