Kendra Wilkinson’s Family Target Of Death Threats

Now this is a story that made me go: huh? Kendra Wilkinson has been estranged from her father, Eric Wilkinson, since she was three years old. Yet he’s concerned for her safety.

Apparently Eric is a multimillionaire (OMG!) who’s living as an expatriate in Costa Rica. And wealthy expatriates are being targeted by criminals, according to what Eric wrote in the local Costa Rica newspaper.

“The police have told me that they are also scared [to] arrest some of these criminals, as they and their families’ lives are being threatened.”

He said he’s been robbed, his wife was attacked, and the attackers have threatened to target his extended family.

“I have personally been threatened that if I filed a [criminal complaint], they would kill me and my family.”

Now, all of this aside, Kendra’s father is a multimillionaire?! I thought she grew up with very little, and her father is wealthy? If it’s true, that’s terrible. Hopefully Kendra’s keeping herself safe, though.

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  1. Henderswife says

    I read her memoir and it said that her father inherited a large sum of money around the time her son was born.